Invisalign FAQ

  • Q- What do I do if I lose or break an aligner?

    A- You should try to go to your next set of aligners. If they do not fit, go back to your previous set and call our office for your next steps.(Example: If you lose #3, try #4. If #4 does not fit, go back to #2) 


  • Q- What do I do if I switch to my new aligners and they are not fitting well?

    A- Go back to your previous aligner and wear for another 1-2 days. After extra wear time, try your next aligners again. If they are still not fitting correctly, please call the office for further instructions.

  • Q- Can I continue changing my aligners if I’m not wearing them 20hrs/day?

    A- If you are not getting the full 20hrs/day, you should extend the time between changing your aligners.

  • Q- How do I clean my aligners?

    A- You can clean your aligners with a toothbrush (NO toothpaste) and cold water. For a deeper clean, you can also use the cleaning crystals or hydrogen peroxide.

  • Q- Do I really have to brush after every time I eat or drink something?

    A- Yes, this is to prevent staining and cavities. If you do not have a toothbrush, at the very least, rinse your mouth out thoroughly to remove food debris before putting your aligners back in and brush as soon as you are able.

  • Q- Can I throw away my old aligners once I’m finished wearing them?

    A- You should save (at least) your previous 3 aligners. This is so in the event that you lose or break your current aligner, you have ones to wear to hold your teeth in place until you receive new ones. 


  •  Q- Will I need/ why do I need attachments?

    A- Attachments are not always necessary and you may have the option to opt out of them. However, in order to make certain movements of certain teeth, they are necessary. Each case is different and we will let you know which category yours falls in.



  •  Q- Will my speech be affected?

    A- For the first few days of wearing your aligners, you may feel as though your speech is affected. After a week or two, your mouth will adjust and you should be speaking normally again.



  •  Q- What do I do if an aligner is rubbing/cutting my lip or gum?

    A- You can take a small emery board/nail file and slightly file the area on the aligner that is bothering you.



  •  Q- My new set of aligners are too loose. Can I skip to the next set?

    A- No, stay in this set for your prescribed time (normally 1-2 weeks). Although they may feel loose, this is how your first set should fit as we just scanned you.


  • Q- Can I drink coffee or seltzer through a straw while my aligners are in?

    A- No. Anything containing sugar or acidity will get trapped in your aligners and can cause cavities.



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